Garou Epinephrine

Garou Epinephrine, a fluid with a striking odor, has very peculiar qualities about it.


The epinephrine was extracted from a werewolf while in his beastly hybrid form. Due to the use of an anti-epinephrine synthesized from a werewolf while under powerful tranquilizers and hooked up to dialysis machines.

The anti-epinephrine compound was called Garou Inebriant, although it not only causes intoxication but mild to moderate pain in the subject due to the belladonna also used when synthesizing the mixture.

Garou epinephrine, when exposed to air lets off a naturally striking smell of pheromones and attracts werewolves from a mile away(and if in a rage they have no choice but to move toward the scent). It’s other qualities vary(able to be administered through a powerful autoinjector shot, can be used like epinephrine is for werewolves knocked unconscious, etc.)

Other uses of Garou epinephrine for others have not been truly tested yet. But what may result through Kindred research is a way to help suppress the inner beast inside the kindred through further manipulation of the epinephrine itself.


Garou Epinephrine

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