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  • Goodbye New York, Hello Mattberry

    The characters [[Dominic Morrigan]] and [[Scorpio]] have been introduced as well as a mysterious Daeva engineer that will be accompanying them to Mattberry. [[Jude O'Hara]] has been introduced separately and is going to Mattberry due to disturbances that …

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  • Mattberry

    A small town in North Central Maine, quiet for most parts of the year until the [[Pie and Pastry Festival]]. It's economy aside from the festival is slow going and not quite near self-sustaining, with the occasional traveling trucker or two coming by to …

  • Pie and Pastry Festival

    An annual festival in Mattberry, Maine. A week long festival, people from all around Maine and other states come to the town and flood it with more then a thousand people. The festival alone keeps the small town alive and well for the rest of the year …

  • Drop-A-Coin Diner

    The local diner that [[Kevin Warshaw]] runs, he has himself as a cook, running register, and also the occasional maintenance man of the establishment. He has two to three servers depending on the day of the week, and [[Robby]] the assistant manager of the …

  • Rickenbacker Inn

    The main hotel accomodations of Mattberry, most if not all the rooms are booked during the Festival. Most of the visitors during that time will set up their own RVs and mobile homes during this time and move towards the outskirts on the [[Willermya …

  • Lenny McHammon

    He's the owner of the [[Rickenbacker Inn]], works at the front desk and attends to the maintenance of the hotel. He recieves help every now and again from [[Thompson Gershon]] and [[Kevin Warshaw]] as well as a few others in the community. There are clear …

  • Willermya Campground

    A campground on the outskirts of Mattberry. For travellers it's a toll of $4 a night to stay on the grounds, but for the townspeople of Mattberry, it's free as long as it's not for more then a week. [[Mark Brightman]], once a park ranger for Yellowstone …

  • Robby

    Server and assistant manager of [[Drop-A-Coin Diner]].

  • Thompson Gershon

    A local man that does odd jobs around the town of Mattberry and helps with the organization of the yearly [[Pie and Pastry Festival]].

  • Drop-A-Coin

    The Drop-A-Coin Diner in Mattberry. The Diner is run by Kevin Warshaw.

  • The Hovel

    The makeshift prison to hold various monsters and supernatural creatures in the encampment within [[Willermya Park]].

  • The Committee

    Every year at a [[Hunters Haven]] before the event occurs a group of hunters are elected to be the representing body called The Committee that delegates and sentences certain monsters and supernatural entities as well as set up the main organization of …

  • Hunters Haven

    A specific place that usually lasts for a week in which hunters of all types will gather.

  • Daniel Anders

    The hunter that saved [[Madison Barton]] from her possessed abusive boyfriend in the seventies. Daniel along with Madison and his fellow hunters helped to set up the beginnings of the [[Hunters Haven]] that would be known as the [[Pie and Pastry Festival …

  • Dominic Morrigan

    A sheriff of the [[New York Dominion]] that is travelling with the players to [[Mattberry]].

  • Jude O'Hara

    A [[Rahu]] that resides in New York City and is a member of the [[New York Tribe]].

  • Scorpio

    A [[Gangrel]] that has left his clan past behind him and started a new life with the New York underground art movement. He now has a chance to get in with the [[New York Dominion]] if he can get this job done in [[Mattberry]] first.

  • Dominic Morrigan

    Turned in 1773 and born in 1743, [[Dominic Morrigan]] was the son of a british officer in the Royal Navy. His mother had died during childbirth. Dominic's father was originally of Irish origin and enlisted into the Royal Navy, volunteering in any battle …